Terms of Service - Print Subscriptions


The home delivery service The Epoch Times uses is available in limited areas. In areas where it is not available, we use the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) to deliver the newspaper and other products.


Subscribers will automatically be charged in advance based on their subscription plan, which may be monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.

All subscriptions with up-to-date payment methods will renew automatically. Payment is due and will be charged at the beginning of each billing cycle unless cancelled.

If you subscribed at the “end of the month", and the date you subscribed on is missing from the next month (e.g. the 31st), then the preceding date is selected (e.g. the 30th). The renewal date shifts back to the original date in the subsequent month if that month has it.

Example: A customer has signed up for a subscription that renews on the 31st of every month. The renewal will fall on January 31, February 28, March 31, April 30 and so on.

Trial Period

The trial period is normally one month except for early cancellation and the trial offers may vary based on the current promotion. If the subscription is not cancelled during the trial period, according to cancellation terms, the subscription will automatically renew to the plan that was agreed on at the time of purchase. Each subscriber can only have one trial offer per shipping address.

During the trial period, The Epoch Times guarantees its subscribers to receive their products with a free or discounted price. The Epoch Times will not guarantee its subscriber to receive all products within the promotion trial period due to mishandling, missing or delays in delivery company shipping, such as the USPS.

One-time Purchases

One-time purchases such as gift subscriptions cannot be cancelled or refunded.

Duplicate Subscriptions

Please confirm that you have only ONE SUBSCRIPTION ACCOUNT with us. To receive a full refund for any duplicate account, you must inform us within 30 days of opening that duplicate account. After 30 days, we can only offer a credit to your remaining active account. Thank you for your understanding.

Unless we hear from you, we will assume you want ALL accounts to remain active. To doublecheck for duplicate accounts, please look for any charges from The Epoch Times on your credit card statement. If you receive more than one paper a week, most likely you have more than one account. If you think you may have a duplicate DIGITAL ONLY account, please contact Customer Service and we will assist you.


Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. Cancellation requests have to be received prior to the start of the next billing cycle. If the cancellation request is not received prior to the beginning of the next billing cycle, the subscriber will be charged for the next billing cycle and the cancellation will be effective at the end of that billing cycle.

In most scenarios, the subscription is canceled at the end of term, while its service and products will continue to deliver until the end of the term, unless you request to cancel immediately. Once you cancel a subscription, you won't be charged for future subscription payments. Past subscription payments won't be refunded.

Cancellations during the trial-period will cause an immediate end of the subscription and the delivery.

All payments are non-refundable. The Epoch Times reserves the right of final interpretation. For rare and special cases, a prorated payment may be issued after reviewing by a supervisor1.

Please Click Here for instructions to cancel the subscription.


Purchases are final and the Epoch Times has a no refund policy. Special cases and promotions may be eligible for refund, it is completely at Epoch Times discretion and will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Missing papers or other delivery issues are not eligible to change the cancellation terms or claim a refund. However, The Epoch Times grants subscription extensions for all missing products.

Purchased materials will continue to be delivered throughout the remainder of the current subscription unless a request is made to stop receiving the products.

Customer Service

Any phone communications between you and The Epoch Times staff may be recorded for training purposes.
Any subsequent communication between you and any The Epoch Times staff in any form may be used for training purposes.
By providing your email and phone number, you have automatically opted in to our marketing and customer service calls, emails and texts. You can opt-out of these notifications at any time.

We reserve the right to make changes to our print and digital products at any time.



  1. Issues are reviewed case by case, leaving it to The Epoch Times interpretation.