How Is My Subscription Billed?

All subscriptions (with the exception of gift subscriptions) are set to automatically renew at the beginning of each billing period, monthly, quarterly, or annually. They are billed to the payment method provided when the subscription is activated.

A subscription renews on the last day of the renewal month if it is purchased on:

  • The 31st of January, March, May, July, August, October, and December, or
  • The 30th of April, June, September, and November


A monthly subscription started on Jan. 31st will renew on Feb. 28th (or Feb. 29th if available), Mar. 31st, Apr. 30th, May 31st and so on.


If you pay by check: 

Check payments are accepted for 3-month, 6-month and 12-month plans only. Currently, we do not accept check payment for monthly plans.

However, we highly encourage you to pay by credit card for your convenience and to avoid subscription interruptions.


We no longer mail subscription payment invoices. 

Please make a note of your renewal date to avoid late payment. Unpaid accounts will be automatically canceled.


Visit “Customer Self Service Portal” at to check your renewal payment due date. You may also find the information in the original subscription confirmation email.


If your subscription is canceled, you can always give us a call to re-subscribe or set up auto-renew credit card payments. Our Customer Service Hotline is (917) 905-2080.


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