gift card redemption

1. Go to on desktop or on your phone (Chrome, or Safari).

2. On desktop- Type in your code and then your zip code. If on phone- Click “Redeem a code” and follow prompts.

3. Sign In/Create New Account.

4. Choose a restaurant.

5. Pick a certificate (if you have $25 in credit you can choose certificate values up to $25. If you choose less then $25 i.e. a $15 you will have credit remaining).

6. Hit “redeem” when you choose the certificate. Then go to “my account.

7. Choose the certificate. You can print out the certificate or download it to your phone.

8. Go to restaurant and hand paper certificate to server or show them your phone with the certificate pulled up. If on phone there will be a green button for the serve to push.


For any questions/need help: Please contact Customer Service at 888-745-6989 and

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