About Epoch Fun - What are the benefits of playing these games?

About Epoch Fun

Epoch Fun provides readers with wholesome fun for brains of all ages. Exercise your mind with our brain games, quizzes, trivia questions, and puzzles, with more to come everyday.

All Epoch Fun content is carefully selected to provide exercises to enhance cognitive skills. Benefits include the improvement of:

Long-Term Memory – memory that is associated with the storage of information over extended periods of time.

Working Memory – short-term memory that stores the information required for cognitive tasks. Working memory has limited capacity and can hold about 4 chunks of information at a time.

Logic & Reasoning – the ability to use logic and reason, generate ideas, and solve problems.

Visual Processing – the ability to interpret and analyze images and other visual information.

Processing Speed – the ability to accomplish tasks quickly and accurately.

Attention – the ability to focus on tasks without distraction.