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Do you need real uncensored news on what is happening in China today?

Is China a faraway land, or is the Chinese regime in your back yard?

Produced by the award-winning Epoch Times, our China News platform reports on CCP (Chinese Communist Party) infiltration of academia, industry, and government here in America.

Our China experts cover the CCP's campaign of unrestricted warfare on the free world, its ongoing coverup of the pandemic origins, and its shocking human rights abuses.

We cover today’s China like no one else.

We are the real China News.

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How to access China News?


Can China News subscribers read other news articles on The Epoch Times website?

Yes. China News subscribers have complimentary full digital access to all premium news on

I have an Epoch Times print or digital-only subscription. Do I need to subscribe to China News to read China News articles?

No. Epoch Times print or digital-only subscribers have complimentary access to all China News articles.

What is the cancellation policy?

Please see the cancellation policy HERE.



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